Kill Bill with a Kar Wai Wong twist – produced by astudio, shot by Dubai Fashion Photographer Toufic Araman

What do you get when you combine the melodramatic lighting and cinematography of In The Mood for Love with the feisty action scenes of Kill Bill?

The images are the ripples of truth, emanating from a stone thrown into a deep, deep well of creativity.

The play of light in these photos paved way to the subject’s illustration of both movies where the inspiration came from. Such fashion shoot perfectly portrayed not only the styling of Linda Mortensen with the help of Hair and Make-up Artist, Annesofie Begtrup, but also the tenderness of model, Adriana. This work by powerhouse Dubai photography production team, aramanstudio, will draw any audience closer to what seemed like a theatrical imagery in each shot.

In the realm of photography, every subject is as important as the set and lighting. The end result should be the perfect blend of composition, mood, and colors. By combining all these elements altogether, with the help of an amazing team of stylist and HMUA (Hair and Make-up Artist), is the key to a rewarding and fruitful shoot. Let us also not forget to highly regard the crew of China Grill Restaurant, Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi ( for the stunning set.

And by putting together the symmetry of Kill Bill’s action-packed saga with the outstanding camerawork of In The Mood for Love, the ultimate challenge would be making the finished work have the feel of both worlds.

Indeed, Dubai photographers of aramanstudio have mastered these things. The unrivaled harmony of every shot resonated with what was once a peg—an idea personified and immortalized.

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